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TOD Features and Functionality

Full In House Control

TOD understands an organization’s need to control their product and with our built in Admin application we do just that. From event buildout to packaging, season ticket management to real-time price modification, allocation adjustments and everything in between; if TOD has the functionality you’ve got the control.

Simplified Event Builds

Customers aren’t the only ones who get to benefit from our interactive seating charts. The TOD Admin module brings a simplified, easy to use event building process to our clients via our admin-facing seat maps. Need a custom seating configuration? Just drag, click and go! Assigning seat types and sections follows the same process. Designating ticket prices is a simple as clicking on an individual seat, entering the price and clicking ‘Apply All’. Need to duplicate a fully built event for multiple performances/games? Simply click ‘Clone’ enter the appropriate dates and you’re done! Virtually any build or admin function can be accomplished via point and click!

Responsive Storefront with Full White Label Support

From integration with existing eCommerce sites to fully customized responsive webpages, native apps and more TOD has you covered with ticketing and donation platforms designed to easily meet your storefront needs no matter what format or code they are constructed in. In addition, the TOD platform seamlessly communicates with most major point-of-sale systems to drive more revenue to your organization through merchandise and food & beverage upsells.

Visualize Reporting with Real-Time Metrics

When you get right down to it ticketing is a business, and TOD is aware that accurate reporting is critical to your businesses’ success. We have built out an extensive menu of pre-defined reports that address the multiple financial and analytical components that are essential to your organization’s success. And if that’s not enough, consider the fact that every single datapoint enter into or generated by our platform (excluding customer financial data) is recorded and mapped on our secure servers making your customization options virtually unlimited.

Interactive Seating Maps and Seat Selection

Today’s consumer purchase patterns all center around one word; convenience – and when it comes to event ticketing convenience starts with seat selection. That’s why we build all our consumer facing products with simplified seat selection options that allow customers to search visually via our customized color-coded seating maps, or buy simplified criteria such as price, seat view, group size, special needs etc. Looking for a more a more immersive customer experience? Contact us about Virtual Venue, our customized 3-D interactive seating platform that is so vivid you could almost say your customers can choose their seats by feel!

Support For Multiple Ticket Types, Promotions, and Price Points

Our solutions are built with many different venue and event types in mind allowing for multiple ticket types, price points, promotions and more. TOD gives you an unparalleled level of customization allowing you to focus on your events and venues. Our product is built from the ground up with the end user in mind combining the best User Experience with unmatched levels of customization.

Secure Checkout (PCI & PII)

Our solution meets all PCI/PII Compliance Requirements. Credit card transactions utilize hardware E2EE (end-to-end encryption) reader equipment. Cardholder information never passes from hardware card readers through systems and networks in an unencrypted form. Tokenization is used to track and reference transactions and cardholder information. Sensitive cardholder data is not stored in any way in the solution. Giving you peace of mind when it comes to data privacy, security, and fraud prevention.

Ticket Delivery, Scanning and Validation

Let’s face it, customers have preferences – and while the world steadily embraces mobility some still prefer a physical ticket over their digital cousins. We get it and offer an array of ticket delivery formats and options to suit every need, including; print at home, digital e-wallet, traditional pre-print, commemorative and box-office generated ticketing capabilities – all of which are scannable via TOD’s proprietary scanning application internally know as Admit. The software comes pre-loaded on all our hard-scanning devices and is also available as a cost-effective download that enables non-profits and smaller venues to benefit from the security that scanning brings to the admission process without the shipping, set-up and return costs typically associated with this technology.

Packages, Bundles, and Season Passes

Packages and Bundles can be configured with multiple events, ticket types, delivery types, and promotions specific to a given package. Pricing for packages can be set for retail sale, and web sale. Fees and taxes can be set and collected for each package individually.

Secondary Market and Upsell Integration

TOD recognizes the important role that the secondary market plays in the profit model for the industry. In response, we have designed our platform to easily integrate with the largest providers in the segment including StubHub®, SeatGeek® and SeatCycle®. Pre-event allocations and inventory rebalancing are handled from the Admin module, while customers can access resale market(s) via their individual user accounts allowing our clients to participate in the incremental revenue generated from these activities. In addition, TOD provides venues and events with higher levels of consumer demand the ability to capture the majority of resale transactions via a white labeled version of our internal secondary product – TOD Loop.

Social Media Integration

Our solutions cater to a modern architecture with a robust API capable of integrating with most social networking platforms. TOD's social media integrations allow your venue to reach more potentional customers and generate more revenue through social media marketing.

Donations and Fundraising

TOD makes donations and fundraising effortless and seamless. Our solutions provides you with the tools you need to accept donations standalone, donations with each order processed, donation inconjunction with season passes, bundles, packages and single ticket types, and much more. TOD helps your organization raise more funds and accept donations in more ways, giving you a truly all-in-one solution.