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Our Solutions

From our roots as an aggregator of Las Vegas – based show, tour and attraction tickets TOD Solutions has always focused on simplified UX as the guiding design principle for all our products; both in our consumer facing sales channels and in our primary level ticketing solutions. Developed from the ground up with cost efficiency and scalability in mind TODS offers multiple products specifically tailored for your primary ticketing needs. From arenas and stadiums to seasonal attractions and intimate cultural performances TODS has the product you need at the price point you can afford.

TOD Enterprise

We like to think of our Enterprise Ticket Management Solution as the “Thoroughbred” in our stable of products. Built to service large-scale sporting and entertainment venues TOD Enterprise offers our most sophisticated suite of services including, but not limited to Customized Seating Charts, Reserved, GA and Group Seating, Season Ticketing and Luxury Box Management; Parking, Merchandise and F&B Packaging and much more – all while adhering to our simplified design and costing structure that redefines the word DISRUPTIVE.

TOD Professional

Built with the Event Planner in mind, TOD Professional provides a ticketing solution that scales in functionality from our Lite version al the way up to the Enterprise product. With the ability to provide both GA and Reserved seating for a specific event, while a the same time offering table seating, VIP area access and multiple F&B, merchandise and donation capabilities TOD Pro is the perfect solution to service Non-Profit, Corporate and Private events of any size.

TOD Lite

Just as the name implies TOD Lite is our entrant into the niche-oriented world of primary ticketing. Designed to service smaller venues and attractions TOD Lite delivers all the convenience and security that mobile ticketing has to offer at a price point that fits nicely with the budgets of seasonal attractions and smaller festivals. We find the best way to describe Lite is as a product that offers all the operational functionality of its bigger brother – website/app integration, print/mobile ticket delivery & scanning, simplified reporting etc. without all the detailed functions typically required by larger entities.

No packaging here. The flexibility of TOD Lite is designed to ensure that you only pay for the features you need, not the features other ticketing companies tell you, you need.

TOD Loop

Looking for a secondary-market solution that gives you the features of larger resellers without giving away the house? TOD Loop provides a cost-effective alternative to clients/venues that have the brand awareness to keep the process in-house (pun intended).

TOD Admit (Standalone)

TOD's proprietary ticket scanning app that allows cost conscious clients to enjoy all the benefits of mobile ticketing by turning their employee’s/volunteers’ mobile devices into ticket scanners at literally a fraction of the cost typically associated with the lease, shipping, setup and return of dedicated devices.